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Capital Research Partners and Co. is focused on providing an exceptional level of advisory services that meet the needs of lower middle market companies and their owners. We tailor these capabilities to each client’s individual goals, thereby ensuring that each client receives the depth of advice and support required to maximize each individual transaction. Our firm provides a comprehensive array of specialized, unbiased financial advice and guidance through the following services:

  • Senior Debt, Subordinated, Mezzanine, and Junior Capital 

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Buyouts

  • Special Situations: Turnaround & Restructuring


Mergers, acquisition, divestiture and partnering opportunities are significant milestones in the life cycle of any company for its owners or prospective owners.  CRP’s team of senior professionals have a successful history acting as strategic and financial advisors to privately held companies in the mergers and acquisitions arena in a wide range of industry sectors.  The group serves both sellers and buyers and is committed to helping our clients achieve each client’s individual goals.  We take the time to completely understand your business, what your goals are, and offer expert guidance from the beginning stage to the consummation of the transaction – all the while leveraging our domestic and international network of industry and financial relationships.


Parlaying off our extensive experience structuring, negotiating and executing transactions, we provide solutions which are highly tailored to the client’s goals. We deliver consistent and active senior banker attention, and offer a comprehensive range of services including; market analyses, target identification, financial modeling, valuation analysis, memorandum preparation, identification and evaluation of financial and strategic alternatives, evaluation of bids, advice throughout deal negotiations, term sheet preparation, and closing documentation review. 


By listening to the client’s objectives, recognizing the particular opportunities and challenges for each seller or buyer, we give objective advice, and employ our years of experience and judgment to ensure that our clients’ corporate strategic goals are met on the best possible terms.


Since the founding of CRP back in 1989, a period of time that was marked by the unwinding of the leverage of the 1980’s and the contraction of available credit and the savings and loan crisis, we have maintained a practice of financial advisory, financing and corporate restructuring skills in what we refer to as Special Situations corporate finance. CRP does not hold ourselves out as crisis managers that may displace management, instead we focus on bringing about corporate solutions as agents and advisors to our Special Situation clients. 

Companies undergo financial distress as a result of a variety of underlying causes. Whatever the cause, however, distressed companies all face the same basic issues. Generally, these issues relate to liquidity; they are unable to pay their debts as they become due. Typically, the going concern value of these businesses is in danger of declining precipitously if immediate liquidity and other operating and financial issues are not quickly addressed. In such Special Situation engagements, these businesses face a wide array of legal, financial restructuring and bankruptcy issues as they seek strategic alternatives and solutions to these critical time-sensitive matters.


CRP thoroughly assess the company’s performance, capital structure, industry situation and current capital market dynamics, while exploring possible strategic alternatives simultaneously. CRP would then present all viable transaction alternatives together with their process timeline and their consequences on the various corporate stakeholders and recommend the value-maximizing strategy. Based on the clients needs, CRP would assemble the best team including outside advisors to successfully execute on the selected finance strategy.


​Capital Research Partners advises clients in the raising of all forms of private capital including senior debt, second lien debt, mezzanine debt, and junior capital. Determining the appropriate type of capital for the client’s situation and the right specific source is crucial to the ultimate success of the transaction and the issuer’s business. Different types of capital are better suited to certain needs. Every provider of capital has specific characteristics and approaches to their capital deployment. It is important that an advisor understands the clients’ characteristics as well as that of the many potential investors in the market. The qualitative decision of which provider of capital to choose is often equally important as which provides the most attractive pricing. 


Most of our clients have a unique situation that requires a well thought out marketing approach. CRP takes the time to thoroughly understand the client’s situation and to work with the client to formulate the optimal way to market the opportunity. Oftentimes having the determination to find the right capital partner is one of the key factors to success.  We make all of our projects a “religion”. We only take on a few projects a year, which requires that we are totally committed to their consummation. CRP has an extensive proprietary data base of an array of capital provider, which we have been developed over our 30+ year history. We advise clients throughout the entire process, including the final consummation of legal documentation. We want the entire process to proceed smoothly.

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